Concern Greetings For Donors DSM Bali

The year of two thousand eight end soon, it means: 8 years we have together, the range is 8 years old that is not so long from the age of mankind. Thanks to Allah SWT building called the DSM Bali is not alone anymore. Many, even thousands of you always accompany together with sincerity.

Your support is so amazing and you also get the DSM Bali inspiration for creative and innovative work. Always keep the spirit of trust and professionalism in managing your donation for the sake of concern to the poverty people.

The range of activities is to become part of the solution. Facing the problem of poverty, unemployment, school dropouts, health issues, humanitarian disaster and dynamically the steps of DSM Bali to contribute actively help solve problems in people, especially in the field of social humanity.

DSM Bali as a public institution assets remain the synergy with the public as synergy with the government. And made public as a major stakeholder of this institution. Various be synergy with various parties such as corporations, institutions and communities is a form of collective concern.

Together with DSM Bali picked a message of concern and certainly stir the spirit to continue to work for the humanity. The happiness when it can share with each other, and when amanah and trust well done.

Together with you the souls of noble and care, DSM Bali with the sincere earnest efforts to continue the struggle without stopping to give smile again and happiness.

Akh. Alim Mahdi
Director LAZ DSM Bali

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